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Setting Goals to Achieve a Lasting Healthy Lifestyle

Posted on March 27,2017

Setting Goals to Achieve a Lasting, Healthy Lifestyle

Preventing and Treating Back Pain in the Workplace

Posted on March 20,2017

If back pain seems like a common complaint among your coworkers, that’s because it is. Studies show that:

I Tore My ACL, Now What?

Posted on March 13,2017

A torn ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, has become one of the most widely recognized sports injuries in America today. The list of high profile athletes who have lost entire seasons to this injury gets longer each year. While people outside the medical field may not fully understand what a torn ACL actually means, everyone knows it is a serious injury. If you find yourself asking, "I tore my ACL, now what?" you'll want to continue reading.

Exercise to Relieve Arthritis Pain and Stiffness

Posted on March 06,2017

If you’re suffering from arthritis, even the simplest movements can become difficult. And on top of the physical symptoms, frustration with your condition may affect you psychologically and emotionally.